How To Store Red Wine Once Opened

We all love to drink wine and sometimes you open a bottle only to not be able to finish it which is normal. It might not be that day that you finish off the entire bottle in one sitting. Which is why it is important to know how to store a red wine once opened.

The most basic thing you should know is that when wine comes into contact with oxygen it starts to turn into vinegar. Which obviously makes it bad to drink. Pinot Noir specifically go bad faster then other red drinks.


Fear not though, if you do have a open bottle and you don’t want it to goto waste there are a lot of things that we can do to preserve them until your next drink time.

As mentioned before that oxygen and wine coming in contact with each other is not a good thing and thus when storing it that is our big goal. We have to make sure that wine does not come in contact with oxygen and any other natural elements.

Storing Wine Once Opened

Alright so now that we have our basic goal set, let’s jump into some of the things that we can do to ensure the long life our wine.

Keeping them upright

Once the cap has been popped, oxygen is going to seep in and there is no way we can stop it completely but what we can do is keep it upright so that the surface area that is exposed to air is limited.

On it’s side there is more wine that is open for exposure whereas when it is kept upright only the upper part of will be exposed and thus the oxygen will be much lesser and slower compared to when it is kept on it’s side.

Store in a dark place

We want to provide least amount of exposure to light as we do with sealed bottles too. This is for the same reason that we don’t want light to touch unopened bottles to avoid discoloration and tangents being exposed to unnecessary lights. Ideally you can keep it in dark cabinets that are not opened much.

Store in fridge

Ideally they should be stored at certain temperature which means they can be stored in your fridge to preserve it for some time.

This temperature should not drop below 70F and thus if you have a wine fridge you can set the temperature accordingly and store it correctly for some time. We have already made a list of best wine cooler that you can get.

We also want to avoid huge fluctuations in temperatures so once you put it back only remove it when you are ready to have it again.

Don’t keep putting them in and out of fridge to avoid the temperature changes.

Get A Wine Preserver

A wine preserver seals the bottle up again correctly while also making sure that any gas is not leaking inside or any oxygen being passed into the wine.

There are a lot of cheap, fake and simple toppers available online that simply don’t work. We want to make sure that when the wine is stored they are not causing any kind of leakage that could be problematic for the wine inside.

Things to remember

  • Wine will go bad eventually so it is not a good idea to store an opened bottle of wine for a long time. Finish it off the next chance you get.
  • Pinot Noir and older wines get spoiled faster then any other kind of wine out there no matter how well you try to preserve it, so make sure that if you open an old bottle of wine you finish it off or if you have to preserve it finish it as soon as possible.
  • Some bottles of wine can be stored back again with a simple stopper too.

These are some of the things that you can do to store your bottle of wine once it has been opened.

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