3 Best Wine Aerators To Breathe Them Quickly!

A wine aerator is a one must have accessory for all wine lovers to have in there house and with so many options available in the market it can be tough to choose which is why we have compiled the list of best wine aerator that you can get.

What is a wine aerator?

After opening your bottle with a opener it is time to serve it. This where you use an aerator. A wine aerator is a small tool that you can use to pass wine through. It expands the wine while it is passing by expanding the surface area. This forces air to circulate through it which helps expand the aromatic profile and also gives softer tannins to it.

Aerator are great for households where you need to breathe the wine quickly before your meal. Rather then leaving it open for an hour you can simply use an aerator and have your wine pass through it and drink it immediately.

A wine aerator simply allows you to enjoy the wine with an enhanced flavor and aroma quickly. A quick note even though it serves the same purpose as a decanter they are different from each other.

Different types of wine aerators

If you are a new wine lover or even experienced it is a good idea to know about different types of aerators that are available in the market.

This will help you select the best one for you and help you select the best type that you can use conveniently on a daily basis.

Bottle Stoppers:- These are probably the easiest to use and understand. They are also the most used in households as they can do the job pretty well without any fuss. They fit directly into your bottle and while you serve wine through them they do there job.

Air screens are fit into the funnel and because they become an extension of the bottle you can serve aerated wine easily into the glasses.

The issue with them is that since they fit in bottle there is not much space to expand the wine and thus they do not maximize the capability of a wine but if you are not too much concerned about the maximum capability and want convenience then go for these. They are also great if you have guests over and just want to serve wine quickly and easily.

Handheld:- These are a little bit more bigger and just a tid bit more difficult to use then the bottle openers but the benefit is that you get a much more aerated drink. As the name suggests these are held above your glass while wine is poured through them. They are much bigger and spaced out and because of there design wine passes through while expanding and thus airing it more.

They aren’t exactly perfect for daily use and serving at your house but are perfect for bars where bartenders can easily serve wine through them while airing them out at max capacity quickly.

In Glass:- These use the same exact model as handheld and even serve the same purpose but the key difference is that they are meant to be fit at top of the glass or decanter so you don’t have to hold them. They work best when used with a decanter and are planning to serve large amount of wine and want to prepare them easily.

Now that you know the different types of wine aerators, it is time to select the best one for you.

3 Best Wine Aerators And Reviews

Best Bottle Stopper

Soirée Red Wine Aerator

soiree wine aeratorCheck on Amazon

This wine aerator by Soiree is perfect for those who are looking for something that serves a similar purpose of a decanter by still aerating the drinks easily and quickly.

The large bowl in the middle expands wine very generously while you are serving it and airing it to perfection within seconds. A problem with small aerators is that they don’t usually give enough space to expand the wine while it passes through them but with soiree they have solved this problem with a large bowl kind structure which the wine has to follow thus increasing the surface area and airing any bottle of wine to perfection.

It has also been endorsed and mentioned in the wall street journal and Zagat who have reviewed it to be the best out there.

It also fits perfectly and tightly with it’s 5 ring gasket in the bottle top so you can be sure that it won’t slip out and fall. Although some have complained that it is quite sensitive so be careful when handling it.

It also comes with a money back guarantee which allows you to try it and incase you don’t like it you can just return it for a full refund. I like products that come with such guarantees as this means company has faith in there product.

Best Handheld Wine Aerator

Vinluxe PRO

vineluxe aeratorCheck on Amazon

Vinluxe Pro has become a very famous name in the wine industry because of this renowned and loved wine aerator. A popular choice in the category this wine aerator has been among the favorites of many wine lovers.

It is designed specifically to air the wine to its maximum capability in the least amount of time. It is also a perfect gift for wine lovers if you are planning it.

It comprises of 32 holes to air wine and starts off with circular tap on the top which immediately expands the and then the wine passes through the holes like a filter which air it out even more.

The result is that you end up with a perfectly aerated wine within seconds making any cheap bottle taste like million bucks.

It has had consistently good reviews on amazon for all its entirety and has been loved by all types of wine lovers. If you are looking for the best wine aerator in the handheld category then this is it.

It also comes with a lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee which means if at any point you don’t feel it is worth it you can just return and get your money back.

If you plan on purchasing more then once they usually have a offer running that gives good discount which you can check out on the amazon page below.

Best InGlass Wine Aerator

Vinturi Reserve Essential

zazzol wine aeratorCheck on Amazon

Made from acrylic glass Vinturi reserve is a tough contender for all aerators out there. The set comes with a wine aerator, a stand, a carafe and an carafe topper to breathe the wine.

It is the perfect wine gift set to give to your friends who are looking to enhance there experience of wine drinking. It is also dishwasher and hand wash safe so it is use to and clean up.

The carafe works as a glass that can hold an entire 750ml bottle and breathe it. Then you can use the same carafe to serve the wine easily.

Sine it is inglass you might have to wait a few seconds after pouring into carafe to serve to your guests. After you pour the wine into carafe it takes a few seconds to breathe after which you can serve enjoy the taste.

It is made of German glass and the craftsmanship is clearly visible in its design giving it sleek look and more.

You can also use it directly as a handheld aerator by skipping on the carafe and directly serving in the glass.


These were our are best wine aerator and reviews that available in different categories that are available in the market. As mentioned before it is best to choose according to your needs and requirement and not according to the designs and price of them.

A lot of new products are usually hyped up in this industry so it is best to stick with something that has proven track record and you know can use for a long time.