Best Under Cabinet Can Opener To Get!

There are many options available online and it can be hard sometimes having to choose between so many good options but can you ever be sure since you are spending quite a bit of money on them. Which is why we have decided to help you select the right one.

First for those who are not familiar with it, what is a under cabinet can opener and why should you get it.

Everything About Under Cabinet Can Opener?


It is simply a can opener that can be fitted under your counter or cabinet to save space and to easily pop opens those cans.


You know all the empty space under your counter? Yeah that empty space that you know can be utilized for something but you are just not sure of what!

That space can be utilized for this. In essence they are a great tool to have simply cause you end up saving so much space on your counter and mostly because it becomes a place in your kitchen where you can just go and open your can without having to find all sorts of opener all throughout your kitchen.


Like a regular can opener can it be for anyone, to open cat foods or canned veggies. The application of the product is still the same only now you know where it is.

What to look for?

If you buying your first under cabinet can opener then it is vital you should know why a certain product is better then others and what to look for when buying one for yourself.

  • Cutter:- You need to look for what kind of a cutter does it use? Our top selection uses pierce cutter which cut it open in an instant without any hassle but if you are looking somewhere else, look out for the type of a cutter that they are using since it is the most important part.
  • Installation:- Getting the most cool looking one for the cheap price might feel like a bargain but remember you will have to install it too. So I look out for the installation process and if you have the means to get it installed by someone or yourself.
  • Cleaning:- How easily can it be removed and cleaned? They will need to be cleaned regularly cause overtime after cutting open so many cans they will get dirty.
  • Other applications:- Does it utilize its space as well? Does it have tools to hang, or have a bottle opener. Having multiple applications can save you a lot of hassle and provide lot of convenience overtime.

All this information about them should have made everything clear to you so now that when you choose and buy the best one you will know exactly what you are getting and if it’s worth the price or not.

If you are not interested in the under cabinet can opener then you can also choose the top class electric can opener .

We have done the research, used and utilized tools and gone through hundreds of reviews to help you select the absolute best one for yourself. From our research we found that there are currently only two best ones available on amazon right now and they are both from Black & Decker.

Best Under Cabinet Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER Space Maker Traditional Multi-Purpose Can Opener

under cabinet can opener
under cabinet can opener

Right out of the bat if I were to suggest one and only one under cabinet can opener it would be this one. Simple, easy and cheap.


If you compare it to other ones online it is far more cheaper then anything available online right now. It is budget friendly while still retaining most of the qualities that we should be looking for.


It comes with a power pierce cutter which is a zig zag form of blade placement which cuts cans open easily.


It is also multi usable which means you can use it to open bags and bottles. They have been included in the entire setup so you can just use everything in place. That is amazing convenience.


It will install on flat space mount on the bottom of the cabinet so make sure you have that space or if not they do send spacers so you can install correctly. Other then that the installation part which can be easily done following the instruction manual and guidelines.


It can also open all sizes of cans by adjusting around the protective cover. The protective cover helps keep the can in place while the machine does the work so if you have to use an extra large one you can just adjust that cover a little back and it will work fine again.


It is also easily cleanable by removing the covers, just you will to clean the blades where they are and can’t remove them. So you can use like a dry cloth.

Honestly with the price that it is available right now, it is a steal. User reviews have been more then amazing for it, which you can’t say for all the other products available.

Check on Amazon

This was our selection of the best under cabinet can opener that you can get. I am sure there are more expensive choices available online and they will seem lucrative for the price but when it comes to getting the job done at a quality rate and duration BLACK & DECKER Space Maker is to go for.

It has lasted a long time for some of its user and that’s a great thing considering it’s price point. If you have to go for an under cabinet can opener then it is the right choice.