Best Kitchen Towels To Keep It Perfect!

Every kitchen deserves the right piece of cloth to wipe it clean after we are done experimenting and creating new amazing recipes or even just cooking. Which is why we decided to go through 100s of products and reviews by experts to find which is the best kitchen towel to buy that can help you clean up all that mess easily and quickly.

One of the things we also wanted to keep in mind while selecting it was how easy it was to wash them. Some towel group come in cheap and provide good absorption but as soon as you put them in a washer they are done.

In our list we setup a certain criteria before selecting which ones to go for and which ones to avoid.

Selecting Kitchen Towels

There are so many towels available online that we had to narrow down to what we felt was the right requirement for our kitchens, discarding any that did not fit or perform well by this criteria was not included.

Absorption: This is the most obvious trait that we were looking for obviously. The fact that it can absorb well and carry on for a long time is very important. Thus when selecting it was important to select the ones that would absorb in multiples of its own weight.

Fabric: The fabric of a towel can make a huge difference since it is what it will be made of and absorbing the dirt accordingly. There are two fabrics that are considered to be used and both have there merits and disadvantages. You can choose according to your needs but we have listed both the types so you can pick the best one for you.

  • Cotton can absorb, wash up and be used for any kind of mess really well. The downside to using cotton towel is the weight. If you are going to use them in your kitchen then they are great to have but if you plan to keep them in your bag then they will be a huge problem to handle.
  • Linen or Microfibers are an excellent alternative to cotton towels as they are light, easy to carry and small. They also absorb really well but they are not as good as the cotton ones. They really shine when you are caring them and need to use them outdoors.

Wiping and Cleaning: Another thing we wanted to keep in mind was the type of jobs they will be able to do on there own. A kitchen towel might be said to be used for kitchen but can also be used for dusting, spills or any other wiping around the house. Which is why the kitchen towels we selected should be able to wipe and clean anything all around the house.

Washable: Nobody ever wants to buy just one pack and then replace the entire pack after just one use. Which is why it was important to select was cloths that would be reusable and washable easily. Some towels got destroyed in the washer and thus were not of the quality we were expecting them to be. The ones we selected can be washed multiple times and can be used for a long time to come.

Design: Sure you can say that we are just buying rags and why does design matter but if you are going to pay for them and had the option between a nice design and something that looked run down before using wouldn’t you go for the nice design? Besides the quality of it is what matters and the design is an extra bonus that we get for selecting the right kitchen towel.

Keeping these five factors in mind we went out to search for the best kitchen towels available online and after hours of research, reading reviews and asking experts we were able to find the right kitchen towels perfect for every home.

Now that we are clear on what to look for and how to select the best kitchen towel let’s jump into our reviews.

Best Kitchen Towels To Get

Aunt Martha’s Dish Towels

Aunt marthaAunt Martha’s are made in India, are 100% cotton and come hemmed from all 4 sides. They are very absorbent with a pre bleached finish so they don’t exactly look your cotton rags but more of a finished product.

They absorb extremely well and are a premium 130 thread count to help with absorption even further. They come in a pack of 7 and leave no lint behind when cleaning along with no streaks.

They are quite thick though so if you are looking for something to do embroidery then they are also perfect for that. Along with that you can also silk screening etc.

They are a bit on a higher price range but on there side they provide nice clean finish and also are easy to wash and have been known to last long times without losing in quality.

They also come in two sizes and depending on availability you can check them out on Amazon.

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Utopia Kitchen Towels

Utopia Kitchen TowelsIf you are looking for something cheap and yet quite effective then utopia towels is what you can go for. They have been the best sellers on amazon for sometime now and are really good if you intend to use your washcloth in a restaurant or a bar.

They also work well at home while drying up any area very easily. They also come in a pack of 12 and can be used to dry out anything from glasses to wiping tables to quickly clean them.

They are fade resistant and are made with 100% cotton with herringbone weave for stronger cloth hold.

If you are on the budget and are not looking for anything fancy then this kitchen towel is what you should go for.

Now that we have shown the 2 best options in cotton category let’s jump into linen category and look at some of the best options available in the market that you can get.

Keep in mind linen washcloths are almost if not a little bit more then the cotton towels in price but they make up for it in there weight, design and functionality. Also most kitchen towels are made from cotton because of there absorption and the finish of linen is what makes it better.

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LinenMe Linen Provence Hand and Guest Towels

LinenMe Linen Provence Hand and Guest TowelsThese grey colored, 100% linen and made in Europe might seem like a bit pricey at first but once you hold them and use them you will realize that are worth every cent.

The set only includes 2 towels and can be directly thrown into the washer for cleaning without any problems.

They are even more perfect for wiping glasses as they leave absolutely no lint leaving the glasses lint and mark free completely.

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These were our selection of best kitchen towels that you can get and use on a regular basis for a long time.