Opening Wine Bottles With Ease With Best Electric Wine Openers!

So you are tired of having to struggle every time you have to open your bottle of wine? Well worry not cause now there are electric wine openers that you can get and we have selected the best ones to get.

As a wine lover I can understand your pain of having to open wine bottles, trust me I do. Which is why I opted to get an electric wine opener for myself just to see if it will put me out of my misery.

So far I have used quite a bit of wine openers manual and electric so I am pretty confident of my choices. The key here to remember is that if you decide to get a cheap knockoff ones they will most definitely stop working after few weeks.

Besides most of the good ones that I have listed below are actually best electric wine openers in budget category so you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars. Also matter of fact is that nowadays there are so many brands available that you can get a really good one for a really cheap price.

It’s a investment that you make so you won’t have to keep replacing them every few weeks. Remember get something good once and it is useful for a long time or get something cheap and replace it in a few weeks.

So here are my electric wine opener reviews and the best one to get.

Best Electric Wine Opener Reviews

Oster FPSTBW8207-S

oster-electric-wine-openerOster is my selection for best budget opener. It is a cordless opener so you can use it all around your house without any issues and it opens upto 30 bottles on a single charge so you won’t have to keep charging it and can use it for a week (depends on the usage).

It also comes with a foil cutter that with which you can easily remove seals and bottle caps. It is designed to fit the traditional bottle models only so if you have one of those fancy wine bottles then you might be out of luck on using it.

How to use it?

  • Simply take the opener and use it’s seal opener module to first remove the seal.
  • Once you have removed the seal place the end on the cork at an upright position so that fits perfectly on it.
  • Once it has fit correctly all you have to do is flip the switch and it will do the rest.

Design:- It is a beauty in hands that grips well too because of its texture. Which is a good thing if you had a bit too many so you won’t drop it. The design feels sophisticated which if you read about it you will learn that it is what they were going for.

All in all for the price that it comes in it is definitely one of the best ones available nowadays with its sophisticated style and easy use. A must get according to me.

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Secura Stainless Steel

secure electric wine openerIf you are feeling fancy and want something that glows and looks technical but is quite easy to use then Secura is what you get. This cordless wine opener comes with a transparent glass so that you can see how and where the corkscrew is entering and if it is working correctly or not.

This feature is actually more handy then you would think because it enables to fix any problems quickly without any guessing. The same problems in other corkscrews can be an hassle to fix .

It also comes with a rechargeable battery and can open upto 30 bottles on a single charge. It also operates the same way as Oster with a simple one button push mechanism. Along with that it also comes with a foil opener and a very nice charging base with blue led light.

Design:- Remember what I said about it glowing? Well the led light in the charging deck lights up the opener making it glow like a jellyfish when you put it in for charging. It looks really cool in the house specially during a party where it just lights up the atmosphere.

Battery:- About the battery, the charge holds for a long time and again depending on the usage you can estimate how many times you will have to put it in for charging. All in all if you are a moderate user you can use it for a week before you will have to charge it again.

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Other recommended :-

Incase you are not a fan of the glowing light but want to get a similar one with transparent glass then you can go for Wine Enthusiast Electric Blue.


In the end these were my selection of the best electric wine openers that you can get currently and are worth every penny but if you feel like there is one that I should have added but I haven’t feel free to reach me via the contact page.

Also remember that a good wine fridge and a good wine aerator can also enhance your wine and thus the whole experience, so if you are wine accessories shopping make sure to get one aerator too because they truly enhance the taste and aroma.

Also the wine openers listed here aren’t the only ones that you can get, there are more choices and brands available online that you can choose from but I personally choose to go with something on Amazon because of other reviews and how they have worked for them.

I hope you liked my selection of electric wine openers and if you have any suggestions or ideas or something that you would like me to cover feel free to contact me via the contact form and I will get back to you.