Best Electric Can Opener For Your Kitchen!

Are you tired of manually having to open your cans or having to struggle with them? Worry not cause with years of technological advancements we can open our cans of food with ease. The choices available online might seem confusing at first but to help you select the right one for you.

Electric can openers have become an household necessity specially popular among people who don’t have the strength or want to deal with the messiness of opening a can. They have also become quite popular among aged members of the society since they make it very easy and convenient to open a can quickly.

If you are in a hurry you can check out our quick selection chart for our top selected electric can openers. If you are new to them you can read our complete electric can opener reviews below.

All You Need To Know!

After the invention of canned food in 1800s by Nicola Appert it was bound to happen that soon enough someone was going to invent a can opener. It finally happened 1870 when the first manual cutter came into being but doing manual work is unacceptable to us.

Surely there must be a easier way to open cans of food right? As it turns out electric can openers were invented in 1930s but did not gain popularity until 1950s.

Once they started to gain traction there was only one direction the modification and upgrades were going to go and that was up.

Early 2000s we started seeing a lot completely electric systems that were far better in quality and process than there previous counterparts.

Ever since then they have been gaining popularity in our households and becoming part of our daily kitchen life.

Now they have gained immense popularity and have become an important kitchen accessory.

There is more to it though, before you decide to get a electric can opener you should also know about different types of cutters that are available now.

Different Types:-

Considering how easy they make opening cans for everyone it was bound to happen that we would end up with more varieties for them.

Depending on your needs you can choose which type to get and use in your kitchen.


As the name suggests these are held in your hands while operating. There are two options in it and you can choose between corded or cordless. If you tend to move around a lot in your house then getting a cordless one will be the best choice for you but if you are sure that there is a certain corner in the kitchen where you plan on using it then you can get a corded one.

Keep in mind that cordless openers require battery and charging so that’s a trade off for mobility, whereas with corded you can plug it in and use it and then keep them back.


These are bit bulky in nature which is why they are kept on the counter or in storage and removed when needed. These are better in functionality but you lose mobility and they are not light weight.

They are great for someone who knows where they plan to use it and settle it up there for ease of use.

They are also the most common because of how convenient they are. You can just place them on the counter and keep using them.

Under The Counter

These have lost there popularity recently but if you had bought a house 5-10 years ago there is a good chance that the house had an under counter can opener.

As the name suggests they are basically fixed underneath the cabinet/counter. This helps saves precious space on the counter and sort of fixes a place in your kitchen where you can go to open the can.

Rather then having to find the opener or setting it up before using it.

Side Cutters

These are the new kids on the block and are already being loved by everyone. In a conventional opener they cut lid from the top which makes removing the content of the can bit harder and even leading to injuries.

Side cutters don’t cut from the top but rather from the side, right below from the point where the lid and the bottle connect.

This leaves no sharp edges to cut yourself from and also since the blades never touch the food, they don’t ruin the food and also your blades don’t get dirty as often thus less cleanup.

Now that you have a basic idea of what you can get, let’s jump into the best electric can opener section.

Best Electric Can Openers And Reviews (2016!)

Hamilton Beach 76606Z Smooth Touch

hamilton beach 76606zA public favorite it has been deemed the best out there. This budget counter top electric can opener by one of the top brands is perfect for anyone who is looking for a good budget option.

It is also the best side cutter out there which means less injuries and more cleanly opened cans for you. It also works with every kind of can out there including the pop caps.

It has been given a modern design but the functionalities are kept simple so as to not confuse there consumers. You basically stick your can in there and let Hamilton do all the work. The black and chrome color go well with any kitchen interior so you can have a great looking appliance for you in a very budget price.

It makes opening cans a breeze with its easy to use cutter. As I had said before the benefit of side cutter and Hamilton is that with side cutting no blades are touching food and thus your blade is not getting as contaminated and thus require less cleaning.

  • Opens any can size
  • Side cutting feature for clean opens
  • Sleek well designed
  • Wired and non retractable cord.


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Chef's Star Smooth Edge

chef star smooth edgeIf a table top standalone electric can opener is not for your kitchen then you can also go for handheld openers and not the manual ones. This latest product in the market makes can opening super easy and easy to handle too.

Smooth Edge is a wireless electric opener and comes with 1 year warranty for products defects.

It is a great product for seniors who want to keep it somewhere accessible for ease of use. It is also small so fits in any size hand perfectly while making sure that it doesn’t hurt the user in any kind.

It has a simple one switch on off mechanism and no settings to mess around with. To use you simply place it on top of the ‘can’ and it does everything else.

It also makes sure to open the can neatly so that they can be reused and stored back easily.

It is also magnetic so when you place it, you don’t have to pull afterwards and instead just pick up the opener and the lid comes off easily with it. Perfect for elders to use and keep in the house.

Design wise it is sleek and modern and comes in sleek red.

Price is suitably set in comparison to other openers and if you are looking for a wireless electric can opener then this will be the one to go for.

  • Perfect for elders.
  • Perfect for arthritis patients.
  • Magnetic system works well and opens can nicely.
  • Smooth opening.
  • Small, sleek, lightweight and long lasting.
  • Batteries might not last very long.
  • Might come broken (Use warranty immediately)
  • Slow compared to wired models.
  • Difficult to use at first.

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These were our selection of the top ones available in the market right now. Ideally you want to choose something that will go well with your daily life and your kitchen space.

Do you tend to carry your food or don’t have too much space on the counter then get the handheld one. If not get the tabletop one, they both have there pros and cons.